Deposits for Cats and Kittens may be paid via
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A matter of the heart!!!!
It is of utmost importance for us that our breeding cats aren't being exploited, but taken out of the breed in time.
That is why it's important to us to "RETIRED" a breeding cat in time and to find it a good place to live.
A breed cat, that is taken out of breeding should have the attention and love for itself or in a couple.
We are looking for good places for our "RETIRED", they are loving and thankful for a good last years of their life in with a family.
If you have interest in a "RETIRED" cat, please contact me

phone:  972 - 977 - 3254

Stardazl Lilly Rose
Chinchilla silver female * 3 Years old

Docile, sweet, lovable, Perfect family pet.
I have decided to reduce my Cattery size & I chose her because she’s young & will be a great addition to a loving caring home.
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Stardazl Giselle
Chinchilla Blue Golden female * 6 Years old

Blue Golden is a rare & beautiful color. She is a stunning girl & is very sweet but not an
‘In your face’ type cat.
Hoping for her to go to a patient & loving home
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