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Silver, Golden, and Blue Golden Persians
Stardazl is very proud OF THE FOLLOWING GIRLS !! 

Photo by Helmi Flick
CH Stardazl Arabella
Shaded golden female
sire: "Brettachtal's George Clooney"
Dam: "Stardazl Chantilly Lace"
has received the CFA Regional Award of
For 2006-2007
RETIRED and living with me
pkd negative 
(not for sale)

Photo by Helmi Flick
Persian Cats from Stardazl Cattery, Exquisite Silver and Gold Persian Cats and kittens from Stardazl Cattery are purebred pedigree Persian cats which make affectionate, loyal and loving companions from an award winning Texas cat breeder.
"CH Stardazl Amber Romance"
3rd Best Silver and Golden Division
CFA Region 3 2005
"Stardazl Mahala"
Chinhilla golden female
7 months
Sire:  "CH Stardazl Whiskey River"
Dam:  "Stardazl Snow Pea"
(not for sale)
Bluegolden female
Sire "Alchemist Out of the Blue"
Dam" Stardazl Honey Child"
pkd negative
(not for sale)
"Stardazl Snow Pea" 
sire: CH Ornamental Sunrise
Dam:  CH Angelicalpaw Cinderella"

"Stardazl's Mahala"  

Chinchilla golden female

Stunning chinchilla  golden female !!!!
with a huge thick coat, and big beautiful eyes!!

Mahala will be in the show ring in June 2016

at 8 months.

(pkd negative, Not for sale)

"CH Stardazl's Crystal Chandelier"
aka 'Crissy'
Chinchilla silver female
***  3rd Highest Scoring S/G Adult
CFA Region 3
***  Highest Scoring Chinchilla Silver Adult in Region 3

 Sire: "Stardazl Bad To The Bone"
aka Bad Boy
Dam:  "Stardazl Allejandra"
showm here at 1 year old.....  pkd negative
(not for sale)
"CH Stardazl's  Crystal Chandelier" and
"CH Stardazl's Louie Vuitton"
2nd and 3rd highest scoring S/G Adults in CFA Region 3
sire:  Stardazl Bad To The Bone
PKD negative
(not for sale)
"Stardazl Suri"
Retired and living with my friend Julie
pkd negative

CH Stardazl Honeysucle Rose
Chinchilla golden female
Retired and living in a wonderul loving pet home in Dallas

CH Stardazl Honeysuckle Rose, at 9 months, at a Show in Waco, Texas, where she received her winners ribbons!

"Stardazl Baaaad To The Bone"
He is the sire to many of my most beautiful
and sweet babies!



Betty Wimberly
StarDazl Cattery of Excellence

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